A Chat With A Jew

So the other day (June 15th) a friend of mine from Forum messeged me, saying that she read my blog and found it interesting to read the palestinian perspective of the conflict, as she is of jewish decent and attends a jewish schools which is very much pro-israel. We had a good chat about the conflict. We barely agreed on anything, excpet our desire for peace but it made for great conversation. It really is great to see the other side!

Thought you would like to read it. Here it is, enjoy! (her name has been changed for privacy reasons). (It should also be noted that this post is not meant in any way to be discriminatory, nor am in any way upset with her…just in case you’re wondering).

Steph says:hey, i just read ur blog and i hope and pray that
ur family stays safe and are not harmed by the violence

***amy***   {17}  ….dreaming of peace…. says:     tnx

Steph says:     also, i have friends in northern israel so i’m hoping for their safety as well and i also am dreaming of peace in the region

***amy***   {17}  ….dreaming of peace…. says:    yeah it’s even scarier now that lebanon is involved…if ever there was hope …now it’s seems like there is none… it’s so fustrating!

Steph says:   i agree, i must say, its very interesting hearing ur perspective on the issue becuz i’m jewish adn have been attending a jewish skool my entire life which is very pro- israel and its interesting hearing ur point of view…either way, both sides want peace and the killing of innocent ppl must stop

***amy***   {17}  ….dreaming of peace…. says:     very true…i’m not anti-jewish or anything of th sort…just completely anti-israeli government…they retaliate by attacking palestine civilians all the time! which makes no sense because when they are attacked it is because of selected individuals (ex. suicide bombers) not the government or any official palestinian representatives

Steph says:       i’m sort of the same way, i’m very against hamas becuz of not recognizing israel’s existence…i understand ur frustration but the israeli gvt cannot let suicide bombers continue to commit further acts so they are forced to attack, but i agree they should never go aganist civilians, that accomplishes nothing

***amy***   {17}  ….dreaming of peace…. says:      for sure…man…that’s the thing too, eh? we have no military to defend us…or protect us…not to attack but simply to protect civilians and stand up for their rights and safety…and ppl there are so fustrated they feel like they have to resort to such extreme methods…i’m not for hamas …i like fatah…but in any case extremist will do whatever they want’…u can’t control them …but with the israeli gov’t…and the support they get from the US with weapons and money…it’s so unfar! we have nothing and they have the world’s greatest super power backing them…

Steph says:       something i recently found out was that canada does not give any aid to israel, only to palestine and i think that altho israel does get a lot of money, so does palestine but unfortunately the gvt is not giving the money to where it is needed most…so if the right gvt was in power, the palestinian ppl would be living in better conditions

***amy***   {17}  ….dreaming of peace…. says:       it’s not about the living conditions…living conditions would be better if palestinians weren’t forced into refugee camps or if israel didn’t kick them out of their homes and concentrate them into older communities…the palestinian ppl get very little money…what they do get doesn’t go to the government it goes to human rights and aid groups which is severely needed…and after humas was electe

***amy***   {17}  ….dreaming of peace…. says:        elected into power
canada cut off that aid too…so the money that was going into sectors of the palestinian community to be used for food and stuff is gone

***amy***   {17}  ….dreaming of peace…. says:        (it went to the gov’t but it was specified to be used for food and social services and stuff for ppl is the most need)

Steph says:       i dont mean to say ur facts r wrong but when did israel kick palestinians out of their homes i know last yr at this time, israeli citizens were kicked out of their homes on the gaza strip by the israeli gvt to give that land to the palestinians which i’m not sure if i agree or disagree with but either way i think it was very generous of the israeli gvt to give that land

***amy***   {17}  ….dreaming of peace…. says:      um…wow! so sorry to say this but man! the WHOLE issue started when palestinians were kicked out of their homes! …back in the day…there were barely any jews in the middle east…then post-WWII …the jewish community decided to migrate to palestine as it is the holy land…when they came the UN and England etc. gave them some of our land without consultation with palestinian ppl (it was annexed to englad)…so they literally told the palestinians to get out of their homes and the jews moved in! with our furniture and everything!! (including my grandparent’s homes)…then over time (up until 1990’s) they continued to this throughout the region!…what israel does is that it invites jews from throughout the world to come to the area and tell em they are getting free housing- ppl do it! they would come and move into what was palestinian homes andthe israeli gov’t revokes their former citizenship and gives em israeli citizenship so that they can’t go back to the country they immigrated from…the issue with gaza is that the israeli gov’t gave it BACK to palestinians…gaza is a palestinian city which they took and demolished and built israeli communities in …so they were just giving it back. it’s makes sense cuz it’s in the best interests of the israeli ppl as it was/is a hot spot for attacks from hamas….anywho…we can chat more later…this is interesting..

.***amy***   {17}  ….dreaming of peace…. says:    ttyl  (hold
ur comments…we’ll pick up later if u like)

Steph says:bye! i think i’ll send u an e-mail cuz theres lots i want to say and it might be easier than on msn

***amy***   {17}  ….dreaming of peace…. says:       sounds good!  ciao

Steph says:bye!


~ by amytalk on July 18, 2006.

19 Responses to “A Chat With A Jew”

  1. wow, this amy is a total liar. this all conflict started when the arabs started to kill innocent jews in august 1929. and no one forced the liar palestinians out of their homes, they leaved it because the other arabs told them to do so. please fix her.

  2. waut a second, you are amy don’t you? so now you know that you don’t know one thing about this conflict, so don’t try to offer a solution. don’t be a liar, go learn history.

  3. 1) I don’t appreciate being called a liar on my own blog
    2) I do know history… hahaha genius! I am in fact a student of history
    3) The ratio of jews/israelis to palestinians killed in the region is completely in disportionate- bottomline!
    4) The palestinians were forced out by the UK, the UN and ISRAEL. And when I say “forced out”, I literally mean with force!
    5)I don’t lie, neither does my family and neither do the acedemic sources of my knowledge
    6) You may want to educate yourself on some of this region’s history as opposed to simply relying on the bias arab-slander preached at your synagogue (i don’t mean by the rabi but by your buddies)

  4. if you are so good in history so how don’t you know what happen in august 1929? i sure that you know it and this is the start of this conflict. and they were not forced- the arab countries leadres told them to leave palestine because they will win and have all of the land. and i sure that you know about how the arabs forced out the jews, and my family from there.

  5. i dont understand semitism or religion but i do love my fellow man and my earth what am i


  7. anti-jew, i am sad because what are you say…

  8. jews or should i say the zionists are filty animals of this world, which after they die will enter hell,, as they are the cursed nation of this world.
    israel govt bombed a red cross ambulance van,which had cilivians in it. how low and sad is that.

    jews are the cause of the worlds problems simple as that.

  9. we don’t actually care, 1000s of years that every thing that people doesn’t fing the really man to blame so they say these are us. why should it be changed at now?

  10. exactly,,,my point,, jews dont care,, then they go about crying when a bomb gets thrown at you. well soon the world will see that israels distruction is worth while,, and then peace will be brought to the world.
    israel finds any excuse to start crying.

  11. OMG This in intense!! If I was more educated on the subject I would comment but I’m not, instead I’m going to say this, this feels really wrong….. (as I am a card carrying Conservative)….. I’m going to disagree with the Government of Canada (which is Conservative) with them saying Israel has the right to defend themselves, instead I am condeming Israel and joining France and Russia in calling for Israel to stop all attacks and that a FULL UN force be brought in to stablize the region, maybe more peacemakers then peacekeepers?

  12. huh.. i see.. you want all of us to be thrown into the sea! i wish that you didn’t have the right to defend youself, and then you were good dead at now and leave us from your stupidty. and by the way, there is an UN force there.
    and for gfyhf, i have a better idea. let’s kill all of the arabs! at least for israel will be peace..

  13. fuck israel! u got 1000s of ppl tht ur holding nd we capture 2 solders, and u bitches freak out, if the guns were put down and fist fights to the death took place i would get up take the first plane out of canada and show u fags wat we can do. but im stead u jewbags r hiding behide the guns US is handing u. u ppl have no right to be like our house r destroyed too because we have shit weapons, and look at the death count!!

  14. Men… what an interesting time to be living in… HISTORY repeating itself all over again…

    I dont think there will be peace in the middle east in our generation, but Isreal is doing a darn good job of making the whole world think they are crazy (their leaders are – thats for sure).

    I dont pray for this but it’ll be funny if this sh*t is brought to the states. You’ll have unlimited recruits of jihad guys against yankee’s who too scared to do sh*t. besides half the soldiers in iraq think they are just dying for a stupid cause.

    OCCUPATION DOES NOT WORK, u either drop a darn A.bomb or wipe them out (history – hitler, US with Japan). People will never stop fighting for land they think is theirs.

    Also u probably know the Jews control a huge % of the worlds wealth… i guess when u go thru a lot u get smart. whats going to happen yrs from now when the labanese people recoup… they’ll spend their pay on missiles that can hit plane and not building because they have learnt their lesson.

    It’s how the world operates though… watch syrianna… you need chaos & comfusion in the middle east and africa for the rest of the western world to live the way they leave (or so the stupid people in govt think because they dont know shit about economics). I’m African so i know… I dont care for the french or anyone else really, they are all fu*kers as far as i’m concerned. All they do is kill (or make look bad) the people who dream of a more prosperous nation for their people, and put puppets that will follow their demands there.

    the states will not be a super power forever, every empire eventually falls (the dollar is getting weaker and weaker daily). It’ll be funny to see some of the new coliations that will form.

    That my little 2 cents… I figured why not spit out my frustrations also

  15. wow amy, im impressed with your approach towards things. but the people who read your blog,and leave comments here need to get an education. i’m glad you can speak your mind without calling anyone a “jew bag” or “filthy pig”. this is exactly why there will never be peace because of the stupidity of people. but your a smart girl so there is hope afterall.

  16. i am a palestinian living in canada, i was , however , born in the US and lived six years in occupied Palestine. i have seen ppl shot for no reason and i have had tanks outside my house, i have had to walk down a hill to shcool and i remember my dad wiping the dust off my face and hair when i was in grade one. i had to go through many checkpoints in order to visit my grandmother, and i have had to miss school beacause of the intifada. i am only 16 years old and yet i have experienced and witnessed war. all Palestinians and arabs are my family, they are my sisters and brothers and when i see them carried with flags covering their bodies at and age so young it sends shivers up mu spine, goosbumps up my arms and tears in my eyes. my grandparent were forced off their land and out of their home that they had built with their own two hands, and into refugee camps in ramallah they worked only to survive, i am very privlaged and feel i can make a diffrence. i do believe jews and Palestinians can live peacefully together , i know they once did , i read an artice in the edmonton journal once talking about how palestinians and jews were once neighbors, even though the jewish population at the time was very small they got along. we may disagree but there is no need to start calling names, if u notice in the conversation it is a display of opinions no insults. and if u are all as educated as u claim to be u would stop the ruid comments… because what is happening in PALESTINE is the SECOND HOLLOCOST. i feel for the jews at that time, and i would like it if ppl opend their eyes to the true issue, if u are PALESTINIAN or isreali no ones deserves to die . and NO ONE has the right to take a life .

    thank you for taking your time and reading this, and i love ur blog , i find it truly amazing .

  17. screw all the idiots who think the Palestinians are the problem. The loser Israelis need to get out of my homeland

  18. i agree , how is it our fault ?
    no one can answer that question , because its not , Palestinians are the most innocent people there are, we are all victims, even though i live so far away from my homeland, i feel the pain as if i were the child being shot. we deserve a place to live in peace, i want to go home …Palestine…

  19. I seriously think Jew’s need to get the hell out of Palestine .
    Who the hell are they to walk in to a country & act like they have control to take over Palestine .
    If your a Jew , You honestly , Need to tell your people to get out of Palestine ! 😐
    Your killing people , Haha very funny .
    Listen you shit faces ,
    One day Karma is going to hitt you so bad .
    & all of you disgusting long noses jews , Are going to get killed 🙂 ❤
    Bye , Allah M3kum * .

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