On the Brink of The Middle East’s Greatest Crisis

I can no longer put off blogging about the current escalating terror in the
Middle East; it has consumed my life. There are several areas for concern regarding this crisis. Never have I been so glad to have such freedom of speech and an outlet for my thoughts.

To start, simply put- this crisis and the international response it is receiving is an outrage!

Here is a brief synopsis of what has occurred over these past few days:

-an “Islamic extremist group”, Hezbollah, (which is also a political party and social organization) captures two Israeli soldiers –> in response Israel bombs Lebanon’s international airport and kills 50 + Lebanese civilians–> Hezbollah bombs Israel resulting in 5 deaths and then bombs a military ship, which was on Lebanese shores–> Israel bombs and destroys bridges and other infustructure in Lebanon and kills more Lebanese civilians, 50 min. [now 300+…500, 000 displaced, 1, 500 injured (july 23rd) ]–> Israel continues to destroy buildings and road ways throughout Lebanon–> 50, 000 Canadian nationals trapped within, as no exist routes are available–> and it’s getting worse!

International Response:

 US- asks Hezbollah to stop the violence and does not scold
Israel, stating that they have the right to protect themselves

Canada- echoes the US’s views

France- condemns Israel’s actions

Russia- condemns Israel’s actions
England- on the fence

The UN- tried to pass resolutions against Israel but the resolution was vetoed by the US 

This is an outrage! I am completely disgusted by Israel’s actions and the lack of support for the Lebanese people, a hundred of whom are DEAD!!

How can anyone believe that Israel has any right what-so-ever of retaliating in such an excessive degree!?!? An extremist group captures soldiers!! And they go and kill civilians!! This makes absolutely no sense! This is completely not proportional or rational retaliation and the international community should not stand for it!! Not only are many many Lebanese people DEAD, many of whom, believe it or not were CHILDREN, but in addition the general population is trapped within, and their recently improved and expanded infustructure is demolished.

A note to Mr. Harper: keep your priorities at home. Stephen Harper has sided with the
US on this issue because he needs their support for his softwood lumber deal. He needs their friendship and he needs to appease these giant, evil and relentless neighbors of ours. But what Mr. Harper is forgetting is the 50, 000 Canadian nationals who are in
Lebanon, and the numerous Lebanese Canadians here at home. (Not to mention Palestinians like 2/3 of my family, including my brother and mother!) In the best interest of the Canadians in Lebanon, Mr. Harper MUST condemn Israel’s actions, as it is Israel which is causing devastating loss of life to countless civilians!!   Look out for what is right for your people Mr. Harper. Keep your greed out of the equation!

Foresight: this is only going to get worse. With the world’s greatest superpower’s laying blame where blame is undue, with UN resolutions calling for an end are vetoed, and where Hezbollah calls for an all out war, and Israel brings out the big guns, Lebanese PM begging for international intervention to instate a ceasefire, it seems as though this is only the beginning. What may the future of this crisis lead to? Coupled with the crisis in Palestine, and the split within the international community, throw Iraq in the mix and my guess says all the Islamic nations will verse the US, Canada, and Israel in a third world war.    Stop picking on the middle eastern nations if you know what’s good for you, George!

It is a sad day when countless innocent lives are lost; it is a sadder day when the wrong side is believed to be at fault for now there is no end in sight.


~ by amytalk on July 15, 2006.

5 Responses to “On the Brink of The Middle East’s Greatest Crisis”

  1. As much as I want Israel to stop I also recognize that Lebanon is still at war with Israel. Despite repeated efforts since 1949 for an armistice to be reached, Lebanon is still at war with Israel. As a Canadian, I am not overly concerned by the estimated 40,000. Canadians in Lebanon. Considering the fact that approx. 35,000 don’t reside in canada and are basically convenient Canadians, I just can’t get upset. What does upset me is to see the Syrian proxy army with its Israeli patsy do Syria’s dirty work as Syria attempts to recapture its prized colony. It upsets me to see so many non combatants in Lebanon be injured, killed and live through hell. Yes, I want the war to stop, but I also want Syriaa and Iran to stop meddling in Lebanon and to allow 1559 to be complied with. I know that the missiles sent from Lebanon are directed at civilian targets while the bombs from Israel are intended for military targets. I know that Israel could destroy Lebanon in days if it wanted, but instead has taken great effort to go only after military targets. All the same, I want it to stop too and I want the Lebanese to be free again.

  2. Typical of George Bush to condemn Lebanon and side with Israel. He knows he cannot afford to condemn Israel because they bank roll the American economy and run all the money markets!
    Israel go to war to save 2 Israeli soldiers but in the course of their actions many more than that will die. Wake up world – sanction Israel now.

  3. 1948 Israel was given its own country, The arabs and muslims had no say in the matter.
    1969 Israel were not happy with what they had and conquered more arab and muslim land.
    12 yaers later they were forced to give that bit off land back which they conquered by the UN.

    During the above many people were unhappy with this and formed groups. Hazbollah was created because of the above. As a neutral person not beleiving in any religion, I must say that common sense tells me that it is logical that these groups are very angry with Israel and will be so untill they get there land back. I would be aswell. The soldiers on both sides that have been captured are a result from the above.

    Clearly giving soldiers back on both sides will not solve anything. The issues is the land which the Israelis live on and keep on taking.

    However I dont agree with the ordering of killing innocent people or leaders/groups knowing that innocent people will die from their actions. I call all these people terrorist, Any morale human being would do so.

    I blame the creaters of Isreal for this mess. All the Countries around the world need to stand up to the US, as clearly Bush and his goverment have lost the plot big time and his morales and his religous beliefs have gone out the window.

  4. Comment to Luc.

    How do you know that israel are only aiming at military targets. Are you head of there army making the orders? I am assuming your not and clearly you have not been watching the news with all the pictures they have been showing.

    Think before you speak!

  5. I am a palestinian living in Venezuela… I couldn´t adjust myself more to all the emotions and rational sentences you proposed here… It’s so sad to see how almost every civil society in the world has turned itself into the different kind of publics and masses just for claiming an united STOP FOR PEACE. Here, in Venezuela, we’ve had different examples…
    Is everything that is happening in our world the bellum omnium contra omnes? I certainly would hate such a pesimist afirmation but I do know that optimism rides actions.
    The hope is to work for peace…
    The war against future (children in Lebanon and Palestine) that leads the government of israel is sign of a contemporary barbarie and its seems to be the claim of the civil society the only one noticing it.

    My best wishes.-

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