Lights Out!

Last night: I’m in the basement watching TV and doing some filing. I have my laptop, the lights are out and a side lamp is on. My show ends. I sit in silence for 10minutes and I finish off my work, shut down my computer and turn out the light. The basement is completely black! Close your eyes. It is 10x’s darker than that! OK, no worries, I’ve done this before…but wait! It’s never been this dark! Usually the door is open and light is shining through; but not tonight. Tonight the door is closed, the blinds are shut and it’s 3am. Well, I know my way around. So, there I am walking around with a pile of folders a foot high and my laptop on top. Two hands grabbing the stack. I hop around, with one leg stretched out in front of me feeling around looking for the stairs. I couldn’t find them. Five minutes later, I realise hey! there is no way I am getting out of here today. So, then I start feeling around the floor for a comfortable place to lie down. Looks like I’m sleeping here tonight! Then I get scared. So scared. I am going to die right here in this basement! It is so dark! I have never seen anything so dark! or not seen anything… but it is dark and scary and there seems to be no way out. 5 minutes of entertaining thoughts of fear and complete confusion. All the while I’m thinking, I can always turn on my laptop and use the light to see, but of course I’m too stubborn to get help and I am too lazy- it takes 10minutes to turn on and shut off the comp. So finally I turn on my laptop and use the light to guide me to and up the stairs, which incidentaly were all the way at the other end of room, 5 feet away from the TV where I orginally was seated….total, complete and utter darkness…what would you think about if you were stuck in the dark?


~ by amytalk on July 7, 2006.

One Response to “Lights Out!”

  1. I sleep in the basement and sometime when I’m kind of still a sleep I can’t find the door out of my bedroom, I panic and start feeling walls trying to find my door this happenes for about 5-10 minutes until I kind of fully wake up then calm myself down look for the number glowing on my alarm clock (its right beside my bed) sit on the bed and turn on the lamp above my bed then when I know where the door is I turn off the light and walk to the door its really scary and freaks me out when I can’t find my door.

    So I went to the Stampede Parade yesterday, originally I was just going to sleep in but I decided that since I hadn’t been to the parade in about four or five years that I should go and check it out, so I got up at 6:00 took the train downtown and had an awesome time. And then I’m going to the Stampede Grounds with Courtney and Tyrone on Thursday and we have tickets for the chuckwagons at 8:00 so I’m really looking forward to that and then my MP’s have a Stampede BBQ on Friday at 5:00 that I plan on attending and then we leave for Wasa Lake on Saturday for week and one of my friends has a lakeside cabin out there so I’m looking forward to hanging out with him and going tubing and water skiing. Later!

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