Back in the Sadle Again

So here I am back to regular blogging; (well let’s not kid ourselves, I was never a regular blogger but in any case here I am).

So much has happened this past month. I could recount it all but frankly, I find that too overwhelming. Here’s a quick overview: class retreat- good- found four leaf clover:P, Catholic Stewards Day- not what I’d envisioned but successful none-the-less, OSTA-AECO AGM- amazing! a ton of fun! such amazing ppl!, Mini-Forum Reunion in T.O.- so so great!! I could cry I miss my forumers SO much!, Awards Banquet- i don’t even want to go there! All I can say is nepitism sucks!!, Last Senate meeting- not sentimental, extremely productive, still so much senate stuff to do, Exams-studying was interesting:P they went quite well, Writer’s Craft online course- procrastination, my middle name, never again!, Last School Board meeting- missed it!!! heartbroken still!!, Fireworks- fun, UOttawa- know so many people going, got my room, dying to move! so excited!, Graduation- amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say this past month has been full of varied emotions and a lot of reflection on life now, then and in the future. Frankly as I look back at this past year I have a great deal of difficulty recalling 80% of what happened. It’s all a blur. But perhaps for that’s for the best. For now I shall be content with what faces, and what I must do to prepare.

And that folks is the month of June in short. Hense forth my blog will cease to be about myself, but rather about things in the world around me, my thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas about that world, and my occassional life recap, more along the lines of the June one stated above as opposed to my former style of thorough point-form detailing, (what a contradiction- point-formed and detailed!).

Summer Goal: blog daily!


~ by amytalk on July 2, 2006.

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