Another Week in the Life of…ME!

My life as it is now: hwk…senate work…commencments…bittersweet rollar coaster emotions…ottawa fantasies…

The week started off slow, with insane amounts of hwk and boredom…although I was invited to hangout with friends I didn't have the energy…is that bad? I don't have the energy to hangout with friends here…i just don't!…I'd rather be with people from Forum or friends that I'll be going to Ottawa with…I mean it's like prom…it was nice but AGM and FGM and Forum were 100x's better! …hense the boredom…talked with a friend, who also knows about my bi friend and the other two guys…yeah…i've decided that i don't care…It doesn't matter or bother me anymore…and if I fall for a guy who's bi, so be it!…yeah I've grown a lot this past week or so…a lot! (a lot I haven't shared…) been talking to the guy more and more lately…so amazing to have such a great friend!

Tuesday was insanity! I went to school where I worked an insane amount on hwk, ST emailing in preparation for a Senate presentation to the board…I left school during 4th…when I rushed home I did mass amount of work on prep for my presentation…then I went to the bank…got a visa card…rush home made a Senate powerpoint in an hour…dressed in 5minutes…and went to the board office…there I met with my ST alt and designate and the senate supervisor then the my senators came and we worked on our presenation…the presentation rocked!!! the trustees LOVED it!:D it's was awesome!…after the presentation all the senators got certificates for their work and we took pics…then the board meeting got underway…one of the, if not the, best ever! it was awesome! hahahaha….great debate and drama! I accidently got myself in the middle of one too:S hahaha… two trustees were agruing and the remarks got personal and they started speaking out of line and the chair flipped out on them! meanwhile I had my hand up and was next on the speakers list…so the  chair goes "i am going to Amy next. She asked politely! amy!" :P…funny thing: my comments were one the side of the main instigator of the argument…good times! anyways…the board meeting rocked…asked the superintendent a hard question…gave a kickass report at the end…and was almost gonna cry at the thought of leaving all of it!!! …the ST designate was great! he was like "wow! I can do this for 5 more hours!!"….we'd been at the board office since 4:30 in the afternoon and left at 10:30:P hahaha…i love it soooo much! One more left! *tears* …*water works* :P…went home to hwk and sleeping on the couch!:P

On Wednesday I went on a law field trip to a murder trial…it was quite boring! there was voir dire, a trial within a trial, on some distorted evidence…yes, sounds good…but it wasn't…again, I found myself tired of school friends…perferring some alone time…yay starbucks…then I went hime to hwk…and a band practise then band exec. meeting…concert is tomorrow…i was excited!…then more hwk to the max.! plus! putting together a powerpoint for the concert…pics from this year's trip to Chicago…funny thing is calling up ppl at 11pm and they're all asleep:P …so used to forum and ST friends up till 2am..bedtime for me: 5am…oh well…i put it together and our director loved it!:D…

My final concert came on thursday! not exactly sad yet…but i will soon…my last time playing or singing in public *tear*….thursday was madness…7:30am choir…preparing and setting up for the concert…then sound check…setting up powerpoint:S….man! can u say slave labour?!…it was sweltering hot at school and moving everything…yuck!…While setting up it was brought to my attention that Catholic Stewards Day may see some very low attendance…I'm starting to freakout!!!!…then show time…we performed great! starting with the graduates (which includes me) performing O'Canada…all our sets rocked!…then the grad. tribute…touching! extremely sweet and touching!!…starting to feel a little sad….then afterwards we all went to hangout at Dirty Jeresy's which was a blast! despite the crazy young sports drunks! like what are u doing here at 11pm on a thursday?! get a life!:P…anywho…it was fun!…got home at 12am…been out since 7:30…taking friday off!!!…

I signed myself out of classes for the first time ever on Friday:D…slept in and caught up on sleep…then worked on ST work…research ST policies and election processes…and then went to the board office to meet with the communications director:)…we're now starting a Student Senate website!!:D so pumped!…then the day was spent doing hwk, ST work: uniform survey tallying, CSD prep, etc. …

Music…how i love it! and how i love it more when i know the singer/composer! Dave sent me his newest song…he said he thinks of me when it comes to that song because of my speech at the end of forum…the song is amazing! **gosh! i miss forum**…FFD in full swing again!…Dave is such an amazing singer too…that boy will be famous someday! he's so talented!…FFD!!!…then! randomly, one of fav ST friends, Ian, sent me his summative music assignment, Provacation for Unaccompanied Quartet…shocked at his talent! had no idea! and man! is he creative! that is one funky song!…anywho…lovin the music!…FFD and STFD (student trustee friends deprival:P)….

Visited some friends tonight that i haven't seen in a while…we had a great time hanging out…on the way over all i was thinking was- god i hope we can still have fun without my jaded ego getting in the way:P and we did:D…me and kyle were talking today…millennium sucks!:P hahaha…he got a provincial and i have a local…and well…there are amazing ppl who got zero…and there are ppl who don't deserve more than a local who got a national!…kinda bitter…i feel like i earned and deserve more…man! i gotta stop thinking in dollar signs! starting to sound like a conservative!:P…dying for summer! put together a reading list today while watching You've Got Mail for the 100th time…great hwk distraction…anywho, I'll post the list soon…and that's how the rest of the weekend has been…hwk and Senate work and Cardinal Voice work…

yeah…sounds boring in text…but i feel a little burnt out and stressed …(at least 60 emails written this week…lord knows how many recieved!)….i think things will be better once CSD is over…not so prepared…kinda scared :S…omg! i hope we can pull this off! here's hoping!

 Catholic Stewards Day- Saturday June 3rd! Sign up now!


~ by amytalk on May 28, 2006.

One Response to “Another Week in the Life of…ME!”

  1. Wow Amy thats sounds like a busy week, I need to do one of those week in review blogs cause I’m just to busy to blog everyday. I like your comment about the dollar signs and starting to sound like a Conservative that made me and laugh. And don’t get me wrong the Conservatives would LOVE to have someone like you join the party. I’m like that with friends, most nights I just want to stay home and relax and just get caught up on current events and see whats happening in peoples life from Forum. I think were going to have a another Forum Reunion on June 29th when Charlotte Rollans is in Calgary for a stop over before she flies to Quebec for a French emersion program for the summer. Komal said she will try and come down because Charlotte was one of mer roomates and including myself there is two other group three members who live in or around Calgary and thats me, Courtney Hanley, and Katie Streibel. Bowness’s grade was last Thursday and there was lots of tears and memories being shared and that got me thinking that in one year that will be me and I’m not sure how I feel about that… I met the Justice Minister on Wednesday night during my Calgary West Town Hall meeting and when the Minister was speaking my MP (Rob Anders) looked like he was falling a sleep and I was like OMG how can he fall a sleep??? That just really pissed me off, but other then that the Minister made very good points and I have a great amount of respect for him. And one of Calgary’s Aldermen is thinking of running for the Conservative Nomination against Rob Anders and I couldn’t be happier because as you know I really dislike Rob Anders. Did you know that he has not spoken one word in the House of Commons since the house opened in April? Not one word and he gets paid $177,000 to sit on his but and doing nothing!! Sure hes the Chair of the Standing Committiee on Vetrans Affairs but I have yet to watch the procedings of that Committiee. And when you think about it I have spoken more words that he has in the House of Commons when I was at Forum and asking questions in one day then he has since April 3rd. So thats my life for right now… Take care ttyl

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