wOw! That Was Quite the Week!

Preface: Until the completion of the school year, my blogs will be based solely on my life. After which, once I am able to actually think about what’s going on outside of myself and my life, I will be able to write more engaging blogs, as for now you will have to settle for my self-indulgent bi-monthly reports.

Because of the overwhelming degree of recent occurences in my life, this blog will be organized josh-style, i.e. brokendown day by day. Enoy!

Monday May 15th:     aww monday! talk about random!…first I spent the morning scrambling trying to mail out stuff, fax things, write a million emails and catch up on hwk…then i attended an awards luncheon for the Rotary Clubs of this area…i won an award for my volunteer work within the community and my school…then my dad, who had taken the day off to come to the luncheon, took me to the bank where I opened my first savings account, as I have recently accumulated a few hundred dollars from stuff and wasn’t in the mood to spend…this is my first bank account…exciting!…then I spent the night/afternoon doing mass hwk and student senate prep work…that evening I watched a very moving and shocking season finale to grey’s anatomy…after which I got the largest shock of my life! finding out that my best friend, who I was seriously crashing on for some time, was bi! …and that so are two other guy friends of mine! (man! hun if you’re reading this just msg me if you want me to erease that part…but I need to say these things aloud to someone!)… we’re so close and so much alike and i have never connected with anyone else like this before! It was a total shocker…still getting over it and trying to understand…see the thing is there’s this whole side of him I knew nothing about! and that breaks my heart! i don’t know…all i know is that he’s such an amazing person and we’re going to be close for a long time to come and knowing this now has only brought us closer together…

tuesday:    on this particular day things were generally slower…choir practise in the am… During my 4th period spare i went shoe shopping with my mom for prom shoes…i also incidently ended up buying two fall sweaters for ottawa:) which was great shopping therapy! never knew the meaning of that term until tuesday…And in the afternoon i had an online Catholic Stewards Day planning committee meeting and made my first attempts at scheduling my courses with Erica and Kyle…PLUS! I when I got home i got an email from the Millennium scholarship foundation! I won a local millennium excellence scholarship:D $4,000…not bad!…sad thing about millennium is the number of exceptional more-than deserving ppl being overlooked…breaks my heart!…i was shocked to get anything! which is not to say that i don’t deserve it but i didn’t get a phone interview like those who won national and provincial and assumed i’d get nothing…so needless to say i was thrilled…tuesday was a great day to cheerup on:)

Wednesday: band in the morning…band in the afternoon…and stephen lewis in the evening!!!!!!! yes! I saw, met and took pics with the stephan lewis:D:D:D…he was amazing! He was in town for the first annual excellence in leadership dinner, which he said was the first gathering of it’s kind that he has ever addressed as it brought together all sorts of local leaders from corporate to student…his speech was about leadership from the greassroots to the celebrity level…an of course, in classic stephen lewis fashion is was eloquently spoken using the most obscure words in the english language! thank goodness i’d read Race Against Time before hand and was prepared for this! by the way…i highly recommend the book! It was one of my favorite reads…his insider prespective and poetic, heartwarming and at times comically sarcastic analyisis of the world’s reaction to the aids crisis is extremely engaging!…anywho…wow! still can’t believe I met him! wow!:D…went to do some quick prom shopping after…makeup…nails…etc…….and i emailed the guy friend i referred to from monday night and asked him some very candid questions…i have been thinking about him, and will continue to do so all week…

Thursday: band in the am again…are you starting to see this musical trend? hahaha…spring concert at school next thursday:D….anywho…then my sickly self went to the doctor’s for a b-12 shot as i recently tested as being severly anemic which explains my serious and constant migrains and fatigue hahaha…well at least it’s not cuz of lack of sleep:P…then Senate time!!!…i met with the board’s communications director and planned for the senate presentation to the board this coming tuesday…i’m excited:D…and i finally and ecstaically got a dvd from Faith Development Day!…then I had the Student Senate meeting! which is always a good time in my book!…altho i found this time around the meeting was extremely one-sided which makes me sad to think that ppl have lost enthusiasm over senate…but it was fairly productive and i enjoy everyone’s company…plus! I got to see the lovely former STs for my board so that was great!…after the meeting me and my incoming ST, luke, watched the FDD dvd…it is sooo great! I love it! wOw! hahaha…went home and watched it again:D…that night i talked to erica on the phone for well over an hour which is always a good time in my book:)…and then hwk!…oh! and …the guy responded and i was honestly shocked further by the response…first by his past relationshp history…then by his amazing outlook on life and love and then by how he feels about our friendship…so lucky to have him in my life…

Friday: PROM!…seperate prom blog to follow…

Saturday: shopping in the states…bought a gorgous grad or awards banquet, yet to be determined, dress:)….and then hung out with the family at home…picked out and registered to my course at uottawa…french…essay writing workshop…understanding poli sci….study of contemporary society and intro to micro econ…sooo excited! …chatted and caught up with ppl…did some senate work…good day

 Sunday: boring…hwk…internet not really working…dad bought a new desktop…it’s gorgous! went to a 3hr band practise…blogging…hwk…chatted with friends…

 Things to Come:

  • Senate: Catholic Stewards Day!!! sooo much planning and work to do but sooo excited!…Senate presentation to school board…senate uniform surveys and report…semester 2 senate speaks newsletter…student senate tranistional retreat…that’ll be fun to plan and do! organize stuff for ST binder…and do all the other stuff before my term is up
  • Cardinal Voice newspaper…my final issue…*tear*….3yrs as editor…gonna try to make this final one great!:D
  • Spring Concert Friday @ 7pm:D
  • Elearning Writer’s Craft course ends in 2wks! sooo much work to do:S
  • ISUs…hwk…:Phhaha…yeah…gotta start on that
  • and excitedly anticipating OSTA AGM and Forum T.O. mini-reunion…school awards banquet and then grad…and for Ottawa!!!….trying hard to focus on the present:)

yes! quite the rollar coaster of a week in terms of both emotions and occurrences…it involved a lot of extreme degrees of feeling and bonding with a lot of ppl and doing a lot of out-of-ordinary stuff…then again considering everything that’s gone on this past year, it’s been pretty much the same, but as graduation draws closer i realise more and more how i’m going to miss it…by “it” i mean my term as ST this past year and as a senior and all the experiences and friends it brought with it…man! nothing like a week like that to make you feel alive! all i can say is boy do i love life!


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One Response to “wOw! That Was Quite the Week!”

  1. Is the person your talking about in Monday the person I think it is? And I liked the blog entry, I liked how you called it Josh Style as that made my day as am hour earlier I just found out my grandparents may be moving to some small town one hour out of Calgary and I’m not sure what to think right now… And I can’t wait to see those prom pictures!

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