Moonlit Memories!

PROM '06

Well prom has come and gone….it was certainly an enjoyable evening…one which i will certainly always remember…not the most exciting or thrilling night of my life thus far but enjoyable none-the-less…

Pre-Prom:    well I was in a pretty cheery mood preping for prom…was all set except for make-up by the time of my hair appointment…it was at 3:30pm…the lady who did it was older in age and quite the experienced perfectionist…much of the time it seemed as tho she was intently sewing my hair…it looked great when she was done…which was at 5:30!!!…prom starts at 6pm!!!…so then i had to go buy earings too! ran into Claire's and bought the first pair i saw! they were cute and expensive! and convenient…got home at 5:55 and laid on the makeup!:P …drove to prom b/c of a few reasons 1) don't want to waste money on means of transport 2) can't drive other ppl cuz my parents are afraid of my killing ppl 3) can't be driven my friends cuz they may likely kill me….according to my parents anyways…

The Big Event:     got there at 6:40…took pics with friends…got quite pumped and thrilled seeing how great everyone looked and how gorgous the hall was!… we all sat down to dinner…so great to see the enthusiasm in all my fellow clasmates….many of whom i hadn't seen in ages!!! and to see everyone under such great conditions, all happy and excited was awesome! i felt a really connection with all who were there…clothingwise, everyone looked amazing! and i got a good number of compliments too;)…:P…dinner was nice…the usual hall food…after dinner they gave out awards…"most likely to…"…i won most likely to become PM…which was a big shocker, because dispute my widely known and obvious obsession and passion for politics, it is was unexpected that my classmates would think of me when voting…i was also nominated for most likely to be on the cover of Time magazine, which as natalie pointed out, could very well be could mean such a person would become a facist dictator!:P…after awards…which in some cases yeilded quite interesting results…the dancing began! and boy were ppl ecstatic to hit the dance floor! and they all did! it was such a blast…altho it usually takes me a song or two to get comfortable dancing infront of ppl…but boy! when i get comfortable…:Pjk!…i made a serious effort to take pics with everyone and to dance with or chat with everyone…so wonderful how sweet and fun everyone was that night! It was so great to see everyone in our class bonding and having such a great time!…by the end of the night…as we watched the teachers dance …i started thinking about how this will be the last time i'll get to dance and get dressed up and do stuff like this with my friends and classmates…and that was kind of sad….not too sad…but to a degree it was …

Not much more to say or comment on…all-in-all it was a good night…a semi formal for seniors…i may have enjoyed it more had i not been so disconnected from my classmates this past year…or had prom been closer to grad…but none-the-less it was pretty sweet!

pics to be found on my msn space soon


~ by amytalk on May 22, 2006.

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