C’est Moi!


C'est Moi! thanks Heather! I saw that and was like "whoa! mirror!"…good luck with your conference!!! I'm sure it'll rock!

So, I have been too busy to blog lately and yet SO much has happened; ironically there's been no better time to do so. Isn't funny how many people blog when they have nothing better to do? Imagine how great this blog would be if I posted when all the action is going on!

So here are the highlights! C'est ma vie!

  • Last weekend I went to London for a conference- the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association AGM,  (I know many of you are sick of hearing about this). It was great to be able to
  1. get away from school and the regular routine…haven't done that since Forum! 
  2.  to hang out with some of the greatest people! Nothing like hanging out with your own kind…just kidding!
  3. to be able to attend a conference with adult trustees and to see the grander scheme of things and to see how other school board operate etc.
  4. To stay in a hotel and drink starbucks and to take the train…I love travelling! (all expenses paid!)…even if it is 2hrs away!
  5. I love meeting/listening/seeing to famous people! While there we heard a keynote address by Justin Trudeau, who was an amazing speaker! (plus super attractive!) and he certainly made me reflect on leadership among students; the part that stood out for me was when he was talking about student leaders, and how usually those students with natural ability, those that teachers choose to be leaders (ex. me), are not the actually leaders in our school (ex- usually the popular kids or the one's who are the most "street"…*cough*brennan*cough*)…the next day we heard from Ontario's new Minister of Education, Sandra Pupatello, who was outstanding! I went in there with a completely neutral, if not skeptical opinion of how she'd be as the minister of edu, but I came out of their completely impressed with her dynamic personality and her passion for education…I have a great deal of confidence for her abilities as minister of edu…plus! I talked to her for a bit afterwards and was warmly greeted with a hug and a kiss from my fellow Windsorite!…then that afternoon, one of my favorite STs gave me his tickets to an Ivey conference where the keynote speaker was Rudy Guliani…and altho I didn't see him I did get to see Peter Mansbridge, who I grew up watching from an early age and who I really looked up to…at point I seriously wanted to be a journalist…yes! I love famous people!…
  6. Hanging out/checking out Western! all in all great to be able to see the campus late at night and to get to visit with people…. overall a very enjoyable weekend!
  • Last Friday…2.5 weeks after I applied…I got accept to the University of Ottawa!!! and I accepted my offer and sent my money in for res.!!! I'm going to double major in poli sci and public admin, and co-op program
  • Two days ago, I secured my internship at my MP's office! It's official! working on the Hill within months!
  • I won the Windsor Rotary Club School Leadership Service Award…and will go to an awards luncheon on May 15th…quite excited!!
  • Stephen Lewis is coming to Windsor!!!! May 17th! OMG!!! SO excited!!! this is one of the most thrilling things ever! I love him! I seriously look up to him! Like I want to be Stephen Lewis!
  • Graduation is fast approaching…only 4 board meetings left…2 Senate meetings…2 Senate events…1 issue of the Cardinal Voice…1 conference…1 Band and Choir Spring Concert…tons of music rehersals- both early mornings and late nites!…3 exams…2 ISU's …tons of hwk…several other meetings, banquets, events to attend…a ton of stuff! but still wOw!!!…with all this stuff going on my heart is in Ottawa!
  • Amazing time talking with a one of my favorite people ever! Three nights ago my friend Jake from Forum called at 1am and we had an awesome time talking and laughing…in fact part of why he called was to hear me laugh…which is quite amusing for those of you qho haven't been fortunate enough to hear it! just kidding!…anyways…it was so great to talk to him and see him…gosh I miss Forum!

  • Speaking of Forum…while I am in Toronto for the OSTA-AECO AGM…all of those , and I, in the T.O. area from Forum are having a reunion!!!! needless to say I'm thrilled!!!…Hotel Party!…just kidding!
  • OSTA-AECO AGM!!!…need I say more?
  • Planning a Senate event with an awesome planning committee..it's a environmental community service/togetherness event…more details to come once everything has been finalized…it's been insanity getting this event off the ground but I know it's going to be amazing!!!
  • Riverside COR 4!!!! I am a part of the backup team for COR 4 next weekend…wOw…COR! …one of the best experiences ever! …I can't wait to help make COR rock for others!…let me know if you want to sign up!
  • That's all that comes to mind…off to do some hwk…the only area in my life where I've been slacking:P

~ by amytalk on April 30, 2006.

4 Responses to “C’est Moi!”

  1. Nice blog, kind of sounds like my life just not that busy!! I need to blog tomorrow… Maybe before I go to work at 8:40.. I guess well see… Tonight sucked I stayed home and did nothing, I watched TV and brushed up on my protocal for meeting the GG next Saturday… I should see if my parents have a long distance plan although I don’t think they dod cause all our family live in Calgary. I have secured a full time job at Imperial Oil downtown for the summer (July 3-August 18) so I can FINALLY quit CO’OP:) As this was the kind of job I wanted for summer. I don’t have to run a campaign for the presidency as everyone wanting to run decided to have a triple presidency as we are all SOOOOOOO busy with sports, job and other things outside of school so I’m happy I don’t have to mount a campaign because I’m already stressed and busy as it already is. Make sure you leave a comment on my new blog entry when you have a minute…Night and go to sleep, it’s 1:00AM there!!! Get some freaking sleep you zombie!!!! lol jk I’ll ask my parents about calling cause I would LOVE to talk to someone from forum and has similar goals as me. Chow!!

  2. Looking forward to reading your blog! I will definately comment:D (wrote u a response letter…haven’t had a chance to mail yet:S…but soon! promise!)

    Congrats about the new job! It’s been sounding like the old one was killing you!

    Lucky boy not having to run for prez…when i ran last yr. i spent $250 on my campaign…and lost!:P

    Yes it’s 1am…and I’m lovin it! just call me the night owl:P …zombie works too:D

    Give me a call whenever! I love talking to ppl with the same goals and focus too! + missing you and all my fabulous forum friends!

    ***can’t wait for the blog on GG:D…make it VERY detailed!!!:D

  3. Looking forward to that comment lol it gives me something to do on my spare.

    Thanks, I can’t wait to quit CO’OP and then start at Imperial Oil I’m so excited!

    Ya not running a campaign is a load off my shoulders, but now your the prsidents boss in being an ST 🙂

    Ok night owl it is.

  4. i try to find something at google.com and take it on your site…thanks

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