Carpe Diem Baby!

What a gorgous day it is today! No better day than today to relax, do some writing, go for a run, catch up with friends or even to sit outside with a laptop and blog… yup! no better day…too bad that there are a million and one other things of greater "priority" to do! Well you know what?! Today I say "the hell with it all!" I am skipping my afterschool rehersals, I am skipping my schedualed study session with friends during forth, I am putting off making some calls and writing some emails! …yes I understand that there are important things that need to be done and yes I understand that people are counting on me and that I have a responsibility to the people I represent and work with etc. but I also know that I owe to myself to take a break and catchup on life! And by God I'm going to honour that!…seriously! Lately I have felt SO lazy even though all I do is work, worry, stress, work and so on… but when it comes to school and homework I've been slacking and when it comes to just enjoying life I'm seriously slacking…so today I will write some essays and finish up some projects and I will excercise and then relax… Carpe Diem baby!


~ by amytalk on April 26, 2006.

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