does a negative perspective mean you’re a negative person?

The other day a friend of mine noted that I have a very negative spin on things. For example I usually start my conversations with "hey! wanna hear the saddest story ever?!" and things like that. Well, obviously I become quite defensive at her comment, because does it not make you a negative person to have a negative perspective? And if so, how am I a negative person?!?…well after thinking about this for a bit I realised, "wait! I do have a negative perspective on things!" and I know this can only lead to bad things…like being an all around negative person, someone who simply can't enjoy life.

Here is why I have a negative view on things:

  • I always look at the bad things in people…and then only when someone else refuses to see the good in them I point it out…but it's not the first thing I look for
  • I am more reactive then pro-active; although I do take some proactive stands many time, most of what I do or what I think is based on improving something that's gone wrong; simply put I solve problems, I don't create/do new things for the sake of creating/doing new things
  • I have a tendancy to complain a lot of the time; you may have noticed that from the posts on my blog
  • it takes effort for me to be in a good mood, to smile, to be spunky or bubbly etc; I am happy most of the time and usually excited about it but I have difficulty expressing that…I do it in a more subtle, mellow way
  • I do in fact focus and look at negative stories more so than positive ones…in fact that's kind of how I gear my school newspaper…controversy sells!… the paper is free:P
  • I'm a very sarcastic person, which from what I hear, is a negative trait

So, how do I improve and become a positive person:

  • think happy thoughts–>try to counter pretty much everything stated above

I'm not totally hopeless:

  • I love helping people! I really enjoy it!
  • I am very passionate about a lot of things, and passion is a very positive trait
  • I may complain, but I love my life right now! Sometimes I find myself just so overcome with excitement and happiness that I have this huge grin on my face, I'm hyper and giddy:D
  • I love people! definately a people person…most of the time!:P
  • Always looking for ways to improve myself so that's a plus
  • I don't know…I'm just an active, passionate, ambitious person so I can't be all bad…?

Game Plan to Posivitness:

Who wants to go through life with a negative attitude and outlook?! I sure don't! So my latest slef-improvement project: think happy thoughts!

Thanks Karen for opening my eyes to my negative tendancies. Seriously! I love your honesty! Tnx!


~ by amytalk on April 15, 2006.

8 Responses to “does a negative perspective mean you’re a negative person?”

  1. damn i usually dont like to compare my self or be compared to other people but by reading what i just read it kinda sound exactly like me.. hit up my email address:

  2. this is pleasing.

  3. I was tring to look up the meaning of a negative person and found this. I think what I see is real I think it sucks and im positive it is. I still need to know what does it mean?

  4. negative perception! an excellent twist.

  5. If asked am I a positive or negative person, I would have to say more negative. Mainly because I am told that by others near me.
    I offer this point however. I feel when I comment on a negative aspect of something it adds to this reputation. When I comment on positive things in the world around me I seem to get no credit for it. If there was a sort of point system I feel I am at least 48% positive and 52% negative. I am forced to comfront more interruptions in my life that are percieved as negative and I comment on them or vent.
    Is there no way to speak about the inadequacies of others around us without being the negative person no one wants to be around?
    Jon, Texas

  6. It has to do with the food you eat and who you hang around. If you eat foods with higher toxicity, which doesn’t really mean eating veggies and fruit because they can have high toxicity too. You need to check the levels in the food that you are eating as well as try to think positive. Your brain works on different chemicals and toxins are basically chemicals that were used in production for the good we eat. So if we eat food that is full of toxins our body will absorb them and we will become focused on the negativity that we just put into our mouths. So to learn to be positive and think positive would help on this. Love is the highest and most pure level of energy in the universe where anger and hate is the lowest. But energies attract what they give out. Kinda like a sun ray. So try to shine love instead of confliction and you will see change right away! And if we all have a great diet then it will be easier.

  7. I want what he’s smoking, please.

  8. I know a woman (and her husband) who are always coming up to me with the latest “truth” from some documentary they just watched, and then insisting it is 100% true–for example–“WalMart executives make it a policy to RAPE their employees! So YOU cannot shop there ever again!” I said, “REALLY? Gosh, that sounds really weird, I wonder if you mean that figuratively, as in, they don’t hire full time, so they don’t have to pay benefits or overtime–” and they’ll insist, “NO, they LITERALLY rape their employees.” So I’m skeptical, and don’t want to stop shopping at WalMart based on some cheesy TV documentary, and they now say I’m “Just always such a negative person,” when in fact I think that THEY are just always so darn gullible and even stupid, they’ll believe anything and never do one ounce of research to check things out except to justify their “confirmation biases.” Does that actually make me a “negative person?” I don’t think it does, but it hurts me terribly that they’ve been spreading this idea around to people I know and it’s come back to me from family members that they also think I’m just a real “negative person” and then they’ll cite some other opinion they’ve had that I couldn’t agree with–I guess if I’m surrounded by people who believe in snake oil and shamans — and I don’t, and can’t, then I guess maybe TO THEM I am incredibly “negative.”

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