4 day weekend starts tonight! Here's a breakdown how this beautiful Easter vacation will play out in the life of amy:

  • Thursday Night–> Finish all homework and other work so as to have the optimal amount of vacation enjoyment; watch the OC; doctor's appointment for chronic headaches:P…told you I was a detrement to my health!…
  • Friday–> go to church; cleanup my pig stye of a bedroom/office; Windsor shopping; movies
  • Saturday–> shopping in the states!:D …PROM DRESS SHOPPING!!!:D…going to church
  • Sunday–> Happy Easter!!!…with the family…actually for me this is Christian Orthodox Palms Sunday…I'm Catholic but my family goes to an orthodox church because everyone there is Arabic…SO I'm pulling a serious church-going/shopping weekend…visiting family:)
  • Monday–> Lazy morning….hardcore work afternoon on stuff…:P as Matt would say, stuff that doesn't really need to be done but that Amy does anway…which in his book also includes hwk…how is this boy going to western?!….and then a tv/msn evening…probably trying on my prom dress a million times

Yeah…that my easter vacation…not too exciting but I'm looking forward to it!:D….hope you all have fabulous vacations too!


~ by amytalk on April 13, 2006.

5 Responses to “LONG Weekend!…and HAPPY EASTER!”

  1. Nice long weekend plans Amy mine are as followed

    Thursday as I have the day off; do errands with mom, go out for lunch, go to the bacnk, have a OC/MSN night along with CSI and Commander in Chief which is finally on again.
    Friday-Go skiing for a day and then go out for dinner with my dads parents for his birthday for ribs
    Saturday-Work 9:30-6, and just relax that night, maybe rent a movie?
    Sunday-Work 9:30-6, then easter dinner at my moms parents house at 6:00 so now forum chat that night cause they don’t have internet but they do have a computer.
    Monday-Back to school while my brothers get it off, probably cause they didn’t get Thursday off

  2. HEY!

    AMY! Hot new stuff on my blog!

    I am covering the Liberal Leadership race…oohhh FUN! Lots more stuff too! I am SO GLAD I am back to blogging when I can, I missed it SO much!

  3. Josh: Awesome weekend plans! JEalous of the skiing:P…happy birthday to your day!…sucks that you’re working on easter:(…quit already!…and hey! i didn’t know commander and chief is back! awesome:D

    Heather: I’m SO excited about your blog!:D…and very happy with the liberal leadership coverage…reminds me of when I first started blogging…good ol’ election season:D good times!…

    yay for blogging again:D

  4. I think I’m going to stay at the job till September so I can at least use my two weeks paid vacation that I have banked! And I have grad next year so I’m going to have to start and save up for everything…

  5. Smart move!!! senior year will put a dent in your
    wallet …it’s practise for uni!:P

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