So…It’s been a while, eh?

It's been a while since I've seriously blogged…in fact it's been a while since I've written anything for the the sake of simply writing something. Here's what's new with me in the random order that it enters my mind:

  • this has officially been the best year of my life! Insanely so! The things I've done and seen and not to mention the people I've met is even overwheming for me to think about!
  • Over a month ago I went to ottawa and attended Forum For Young Canadians…pretty much the most amazing, surreal experience of my life!…gave some speeches which left an impression…heard some speeches which left an impression… I met some great politicans like my favorite bald mustached man…no! absolutely NOT Dr. Phil…but the great Mr. Jack Layton! …and even better than that I met the most amazing people ever! I have never be SO proud to be Canadian! I have never been SO ExCiTeD about it either! I mean, I just have to say no worries Canada- the future is in GOOD hands!…and no Kyle, I don't mean conservative hands! I mean in the hands of the 150 AMAZING forumers that I meet! I just can't believe it's been over a month! And I am SO glad that we've all stayed in touch! We have to keep this up! It's so important that we do because friends like these are SO rare and SO wonderful that losing touch is not an option!  *Fingers crossed for either a full forum reunion or a cross-Canada roadtrip soon!* Anywho…all in all that was the most inspiring and enjoyable experience of my life! and I just can't believe how lucky I was to be able to take part in it!
  • Joint honours in poli sci and public administration- that's my major next year, that's right a double with co-op + an internship with my MP…funny thing…after receiving early acceptance to all 5 schools to which I applied I decided that the school I most want to go to I hadn't applied to!…had to call and plead:S…still waiting for official acceptance but they said it's looking good because of my grades etc…DYING! to press "accept!"…*fingers crossed for the final "ok"!*….in any case…OTTAWA- 2006/2007–> Here I come!:D
  • I have dropped a course in school…yes! that's right! calculus!…AGAIN!!!… how'd u guess?! …I did it because: 1) because I massively suck at it because I've missed so much school and 2) so I can have more time to devote to making the most of the next few months in school:)…so many great things in the works! I'm super excited!…A  board wide Student Senate sponsored Catholic Student Environmental Involvement Day and so many other great Student Trustee/School Board/Senate activities to come!:D Only 2months left of my term but I am going to make the most of them!!! …being a student trustee is the best thing to happen to me- just as much as Forum. This year has been sooo great!
  • Prom is coming up…I don't know if I want to go but I will anyways…I hate regrets!…I'm really only in it for the dress;)…but the thing is graduation year is so expensive! I mean SO expensive! grad pics, prom dress, grad dress, graduation tickets, gown rental…cost of express mailing 100 applications for a million different things throughout the course of the year:P…but yeah prom- I decided to have a cheap no-hassel one- just the hair and dress and the ticket, no date, just me and my ladies having fun!…I'll keep you posted 
  • Been into some new music lately, thanks to some fabulous Forum friends with awesome taste! Here is some new music they introduced to me or that I recently discovered or recently began to appreciate: Death Cab for Cutie!…Metric…Feist…The Strokes…Gorillaz…Weezer…Morningwood…Panic! At the Disco…Ben Harper…The Postal Service…The Subways…and that's all I got now…and oh! David Thompson! my good east coast friend from Forum who recently emailed me his amazing CD!
  • GERRARD KENNEDY FOR LIBERAL LEADERSHIP!!!….self-explanitory…more blogging to come as elections draw closer
  • Sweatshop and child labour has become a big social issue of concern for me through both school projects and OSTA-AECO work…I will blog soon to share my wealth of knowledge with you:)
  • 1, 000, 001 things going on at school…loving ever minute of it…especially the minutes when I am fanastizing about Ottawa!!!:D…:P
  • Anywho…SUPER busy….have adopted the weirdest sleeping patern and eating habits…I'll probably cause serious health issues to myself in the coming months but what the heck!
  • Things to do: 1) goal setting…i know what i want but i need to write it down…i need to regain focus…2) Thoroughly plan out the coming months…in detail…i don't want to waste a second!…3) blog more frequently…4) Start serious planning for next school year…particularly finances…5) clean the pig stye that is my room/office:P…organized chaios isn't cutting it anymore…6) Accomplish in some way everything I said I would in June of last year…7) Lose some weight before prom…and then more during summer…i miss working out:(…8) Learn to sensibly focus on and enjoy the present!

I think that's all that's been up with me lately…all the things that I wish to share with you…I hope you enjoyed reading that…I know I enjoyed getting it out in writing


~ by amytalk on April 11, 2006.

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