A Time for Change and Some Much Needed Personal Attention

Never have I been so challenged by the simple and habitual task of studying… than again it is likely the fact that the chore of studying is so habitual, so routine, that it is the cause for my seriously lack of attentiveness. Omg! Who am I kidding? Exams and essays are over- why am I still writing like this?! But seriously though, these last couple weeks, sitting here reading, memorizing and reviewing, with distractions more than welcome, I had a lot of time to reflect and prioritize and goal set. Isn’t it funny that you always find motivation and desire for things you’ve been putting off forever when you should be committed to more pressing matters? For example: I have been a yo-yo dieter since, well forever, literally! But every time exams roll around I manage to gain a little extra, (could be the convenience food, excessive caffeine indulgence, or the lack of physical activity- not as though there were any prior to), yet regardless it happens. And every time there are exams the weather becomes unseasonally pleasant, jogging weather if you will. So here I sit fawning over the spring-esque skies and temperature, longing to jump, run, skip or whatever, as long as I’m out of the house and back on track to looking fabulous.  It’s not just the yearning to become more physically active, there is a whole list of things, personal improvement, things that I want to get to work on. So, here is my list of personal-to-dos.

-eat less meat: I don’t want to be a vegan or even simply vegetarian, because a) I believe that humans are indeed carnivores b) I would starve! Here’s the rationale behind this change

Raising animals for food is an extremely inefficient way to feed a growing human population. The U.S. livestock population consumes enough grain and soybeans to feed more than five times the entire U.S. population. One acre of pasture produces an average of 165 pounds of beef; the same acre can produce 20,000 pounds of potatoes. If Americans reduced their meat consumption by only 10 percent, it would free 12 million tons of grain annually for human consumption. That alone would be enough to adequately feed each of the 60 million people who starve to death each year. http://www.primusweb.com/

-eat 5 meals a day: no more starving all day, then a huge dinner and no-stop snacking ‘til 4am
-3hours of outdoor working out a week and 250 crunches a day: baby steps…that’s all I have time for and that’s all I can handle but then again anything is an improvement
-5 hours of leisure reading a week: I love to read, I do, I really, really do! But it’s so hard to start and finish a book during the school year unless I am totally motivated and that’s not a frequent occurrence. I figure 5 hours a week, that’s one book a week on average at my rate of reading, so that will be a great development
-news: so I have a tendency of only monitoring the news when something major is going on Ex) elections- I watched like 1.5 hrs of news coverage a day and read 3 newspapers a day as well. I figure routinely watching the news will do me a lot of good and broaden my view, keep me informed and enriched…now the trick is to commit to one good news show/channel…I’m think CBC National and CBC World should be good enough
-early to bed early to rise: so this is not going to happen. Why lie, right? So, my goal is simply to go to bed no later than 2am, and on an average day 12am. Wake up call will be 6am to 6:30- good time for news and workouts or reading. That’ll give me between 4 and 6 hours of sleep- perfect!

Great article about teenage sleeping habits http://www.boston.com/news/globe/health_science/articles/2005/06/21/teenagers_need_help_to_form_better_sleep_habits/

-msn, I knew you well: so msn is a time a hog. I will admit that but frankly it is kind of an essential in keeping me sane and socially connected. So, the new arrangement: 1 hour a night, generally between 9 and 10 pm. If you need me, I’ll be online then. If I am online more than that, please try to be nice, going from 3-4 hours to 1 is quite the stretch
-anything else I can think of to me make me a better, healthier, happier me!

 I will keep you posted!
 ~PS. I wrote this while studying for my exams. Talk about distracted!



~ by amytalk on January 31, 2006.

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