Caffeine Tips from the Caffeine Queen

 Sick of the same old boring cup of coffee? I know I used to be, that is until I discovered my creative, innovative, culinary side, and spontaneously experimented with my cup of joe. It all started in the 7th grade, that’s right I have been drinking coffee regularly since I was 12, in fact my mom used to put instant Nescafe in my milk as a toddler. So you can see my coffee addiction has some long roots; frankly it’s a wonder I am not 4 ft 5 with plaque encrusted teeth.  So, my first modified cup of coffee was entitle “Mocha Cola. Here is the recipe and a list of my favorite caffeine concoctions:
1.     Mocha Cola- 1 cup Coca Cola with 1 tbsp of Nescafe
2.     Coffee Sunday- a regular cup of black coffee, with 1 tsp sugar, 1 tbsp of ice cream, either vanilla or chocolate fudge, toped with marshmallows and whipped cream! Yum!
3.     Holiday Coffee- a regular cup of black coffee, with pieces of broken candy cane mixed in. Stir in the candy canes, they should melt quickly. The highlight of this cup is the last couple sips, when you get to the concentrated sugar of the candy canes!
4.     Coco Coffee- regular coffee, black or with cream, with 1 tbsp Nesquick or hot chocolate mix, topped with grated chocolate
5.     Valentine’s Coffee- take a cup of coffee and simply drop in a couple of those assorted chocolates you get a Christmas and valentines. If you are like me and can’t savor your chocolate as you sip your coffee- the chocolate is usually devoured before the coffee is even poured- just drop it in for a thick, chocolaty, textured cup of coffee. Just don’t drop in any chocolates with nuts embedded inside.
6.     Vanilla Coffee- just add a 1tsp of vanilla extract to your usually cup of coffee to give it a fresh/alcoholic taste.
*Try to keep in mind that these are my favorites, so just consider all the other stuff I’ve experimented with over the years!
**Drink up and enjoy the coffee and sugar buzz! Please comment by providing your own coffee concoctions. I’d love to hear them! And let me know if you tried any of the above suggestions and tell what you think.


~ by amytalk on January 29, 2006.

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