Bin Laden Back In Action…Looking for Peace?

Yesterday, Osama Bin Laden surfaced for the first time in a year releasing an audio tape. He made the US a proposition: new attacks or a truce, requesting that US forces withdraw from Afganistan and Iraq.

We do not negociate with terrorist- GWB.

Now, my first thought after hearing this remark and Bin Laden’s offer is: why in the name of god would a sane (or as in this case even an insane) head of a terrorist organization make such as offer? Is he so naive to think that a simple threat would bring the US to it’s knees after a 5 year war on terreoriism? Well, duh! obviously not! But do you know why someone would make such a statement and why they would make such a proposal? Because they are planning something. They are planning something big!

Here is my prediction of Bin Ladens next move:

Let me set the stage: Crazy Ol’ Osama threatens the US, publicly stating that he has every intention of new attacks. He gives them the opportunity to call everything to a halt and start a truce, thus putting the ball in their court. Well obviously the US is not going to have anything to do with Osama! They are in it to win it!

What Next? Well now, Osama, God forbid, yet quite likely, will attack the US. His argument: he gave fair warning and even offered to peacefully settle matters.

Now what? The US will be in shambles. There will be anarchy. “Why didn’t you argee to a truce” they will ask their leader. People will be up in arms at their government and so stability within the American government will be faulty thus leaving them vulnerable for further attacks.

  So, this is my prediction of the outcome of this new peace offering/threat from the Bin Laden camp. Just think of every terrorist movie you’ve seen. “We do not negociate with terrorists” the faux president will say (example: Harrison Ford in Air Force One) and before you know it everything is turned upside down, and although  the US usually pervails many countless lives are lost.

Now the real question is, how do you appease a terrorist? How do you achieve the outcomes you want? Is there a way to defeat the unseen foe?

There has to be a solution to this answer! And if there isn’t then we are now stuck in an endless cycle of termoil. The War on Terrorism: how and when will it end?

Your predictions and responses to my quandries are more than welcome.


~ by amytalk on January 21, 2006.

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