3 Day Until E-DAY!

Flashbacks of ’04

The Conservative party should really look into getting some new leadership. Stephan Harper has yet again lost voters’ confidence by being too confident. Reminicient of the 2004 elections, Harper’s sidetracking from his prepared speeches has unleashed a side of him voters aren’t too comfortable seeing in office. Much like during the ’04 elections when he said he was not only going to win, but that he was going to do so with a majority, he is now starting to be increasingly candid and comfortable with the media and making statements which have raised old Reform party concerns on the topics of same-sex marriage and a politically biased, americanna-esque judiciary. Will this election be the last that we will see of Stephan Harper? I for one would hope so. A 9% lead in most polls is not enough to guarentee a win Monday night. Let us again recall the lead the Conservatives had in the last election. Harper’s consistantly flawed performance from one election to the next and his inconsistant performance during each individual election certainly earns him the boot if he doesn’t win this Monday.


~ by amytalk on January 21, 2006.

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