5 Days to E-DAY!!!

As the election draws nearer, it becomes increasingly important that we don’t lose sight of what these elections are all about. We often forget how fortunate we truly are to be able to select our political leaders; the people that make the decisions that affect our nation, that effect us, that affect our fellow citizens and that affect generations to come. The significance of the roles that our votes will fill, is immeasurable. These politicians will make have to work and run everything from the health care system to environmental laws, from border issues to lowered school tutition.

In times like these, when the very fate of our nation is at stake, it is essential that we remove ourselves from our political affiliations, from negative propaganda, from all persuasive ads and people, and just focus; Focus on what you want in a nation; focus on what issues mean the most to you; focus on what kind of country you want your children to grow up in;  on focus on what you want out of the government in power. Then once you have finished reflectingwhat means the most to you and what kind of Canada you want, then you can truly make a decision that will benefit Canada; only then are you ready to vote.


~ by amytalk on January 18, 2006.

2 Responses to “5 Days to E-DAY!!!”

  1. I already voted. “Early Bird”. Regardless of the outcome, as much as we want it to sway one way or another… we ALL, as Canadians, MUST hold our governments accountable. We need to lobby our MPs (even if we did not vote for them) we must make sure they represent us effectively. We need to take responsibility as well. Go out, vote, but even if you are not of age, that does NOT mean you can voice your concerns and comments to the elected MP. You are a Canadian. It is your freedom and right to do so.

  2. * i ment to say “that does not mean you cannot voice your concerns” typo..sorry

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