One Small Check On the Voters’ Ballot, One BIG Check On The “Equality To-Do List”

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Elected as Africa’s 1st Female President

Yesterday Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf took office in Liberia as the 1st female President in African history! This is truly a huge step forward not just for Liberians, Africans, people of developing or under developed nations, or for women, but for all of human kind. Yet, unable to elect a female national leader in North America, we can now be humbled as first world countries by the fact that we have a ways to go before satisfying the needs for improving equality and that now our inspiration will be derived not only from Margret Thatcher, or Eva Peron, but from a humble leader in a tradionalist society. She is truly an inspiration. Read the article cited below for details of her rise to power.

Check out the Globe and Mail for their front page article on this momentous milestone:


~ by amytalk on January 17, 2006.

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