Why New Democrats?

The New Democratic Party of Canada is the party of choice for Canadians who want to preserve the aspects of our nation that we are most proud of and for those who believe in a nation that promotes socialism, equality and ethical government.

A vote for the Conservatives will:

  • transform Canada into “America Junior”
  • send our nations into unneccessary war
  • cause a national debt
  • raise income taxes
  • raise tutition for post-secondary education
  • waste money on military defence
  • disregard environmental issues
  • etc
  • etc!

I am an NDP because I believe in their values and their priorities as a political party. If you aren’t comfortable with the NDP your next bet is the Liberals, because the last thing we need as a nation is a Conservative government, especially a majority conservative government.

A vote for the NDP will:

  • ensure that the health care system is fully public,  free and effective
  • give parents a better child care policy
  • lower tution for post-secondary education
  • improve our environment by boosting Canada’s leadership role in the Koyoto Accord
  • keep manufactoring in Canada
  • send Canada on more peace-keeping missions
  • improve and better fund law enforcement in order to lower crime rates
  • instate stronger punishments for gun violence cases
  • etc
  • etc!

On January 23rd, why not speak up when everyone is listening?


~ by amytalk on January 16, 2006.

One Response to “Why New Democrats?”

  1. I love that commerical “Why not speak up when everyone is listening?” to me…it would be really akward sitting there waiting for someone to speak and the just stand there doing nothing….just akward silence….

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